Part One*

There’s a Lot on My Chest

I am releasing as much as I can before there’s an explosion; normally I’m able to somewhat hide it, yet, behind the mask, everything is imploding! Silence isn’t a characteristic that I wear; truth be told, it’s the worst weapon I have – I swear.

To believe that validation is the way to righteousness, is naive foolishness; have I gone mad? Did my imagination finally win the war in this? Constantly, I am encouraging myself to dwell in another space; all my heart have for this world, is to blow up this place!

We all try hard to be nice – awareness is there. However, there are times where I am at the end of my limit; where my safe place vanishes, allowing the evil of this world to see my true face; in this moment all hope diminishes.

At this point I’m pouring my heart out as if I’m a flowing river; feeling the cool from the tide reminds me of the judgment – it makes me quiver. Terrified, because I’ve only possessed one soul; with the wisdom I have, came with time as I became older – which is why I’m puzzled as to why I’m treated so cold.

Despite the circumstances, I will continue to move forward, even after I’m feeling better; lightening my load until my shoulders are as light as a feather!

Preserving my spirit with affirmations of love, peace, kindness, mercy, and grace; I’m learning to take a step back – allowing my knowledge to make genuine impact; This is the right time and place.

Appropriating my cognition to focus on life from a different realm; I’m going outside of the box while staying in the lines without being overwhelmed. All the destruction of bad thoughts has created is showing outwardly now – charades eventually are removed, the perfect mask has evolved to the face of a clown.

Depleting ill intentions, simply because I’d rather have my morality and respect. For the way we treat each other can really have an affect; loyalty can often expire – the excitement in what we don’t know is what our flesh really desires.

Facing these fears has been top priority; rising above the thought of potential defeat – the enemy will never have the victory! The peace I’m beginning to have is so strong, that the vibrations of it can almost be seen…

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