Journal Entry 23×2*


Every ten established years I’ve observed that my conscious being is naturally replenished with some thing new. My tangible changes, then, my mind experiences a vital adjustment that presents me a diverse point of view. 
The attractive part of it is I experience it happening. I first realized it when it began looking as if imagined it; I’m coming to terms with this newly given gift. I’m grateful this is a frequency I don’t want to resist.
Walking in the unbounded confidence of enduring faith is a distinct sensation of ultimate victory! I’m gushing with so many emotions, because truly it feels as if someone just fell in love with me. Not only does it feel but also appear to be a guarantee, it’s also becoming very promising.
Peace is a hot commodity; some will make it easy, then there are other’s who’ll rather enjoy the misery. Everytime I uncover it in temporary encounters; I learn when to let go of the season, without forgetting the moral lesson or the founder. 
I’m providing myself a needed break from social reality, giving this moment a for of immortality. Regardless of my ambitious efforts, time still passed entirely too fast; twenty-four hours and it went like sand in an hour glass. Evolving has its ups and downs, but it gives me an opportunity to move out of my normal bounds.
Every ten years my tolerance has grown to withstand me shed less tears. Being this inspired by that has offered me an abundance of encouragement; my active intellect has been applied intimately, and to me, that sincerely feels like a valuable investment…

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