Journal Entry #’s 36 and 37*


My patience is there, but it’s thin.
I have much to confess, but I don’t know where to begin; 
The first step has to start within.
I’m declaring my throne as a resilient woman.
Ready for anything, at any moment.
I am who I am; that’ll always fuel my confidence.


She sits gracefully in an illuminated room, not realizing she naturally serves as the key source to the leading light; the gentle radiance of her eager spirit spreads like wildfire, exploiting boundless love full of sprites! As one gets more intimate with the direct vision, eventually brings clear sight.

She’s diligently pursuing a lifelong dream that’s naturally forming into her ultimate reality; as her hands touch the silhouette of her ultimate fate, she loses sight on what may invariably appear as a functional abnormality.

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