descendants from one individual


your actions, attitude, and train of thought, was first conceived within your childhood; without offending your competence in maturity, I’ll explain before I am misunderstood.

seriously, why do triggers that exist? maybe, we watch and observed so much as an adolescent; where do it all start? the rebellion, and rude remarks…

steady trying to wrap my mind around the thought of another’s trauma… I’m wondering if this is why we, at times, don’t receive a bequest of love, but drama…

what’s your background? not your resume, but the one you work hard at when no ones around; the things that if you told, would bring you down and frown; the generational inequities we were forced to shut-up about, so you don’t make a sound…

what negatives resulted in a positive? take me down the road you took, that gave you strength to forgive.

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