the light in your eyes, radiates even the darkest skies; you heart blooms as wide as a hibiscus-sun frizzle, that warms my soul like warm milk; it makes me giggle; with laughter brings a long bill of health, and I appreciate it like lungs full of breath.

I’m impressed with the effort of your affection; though, it becomes undesirable when you prove that you are perfection. lets start in the middle, because the beginning fades quickly and future is more of a solved riddle; give me battalions of time, show me that I am the priority, that its always me that you decide!

your love alone is good enough; I want to be sure that you aren’t a bluff; be my the armor like the shell of an armadillo, so that my heart won’t shatter, but can fall on an eternal pillow. shower me with scads of rain, bring me assurance that wouldn’t bring hurt or pain.

the way you soak my mind intimately with vigor, causes multitudes of butterflies to implode within my center; you polish me with affirmation that covers me like a coat, with all the good things I can list, you’d think you were the goat!

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