Nom de plume

 just a saying to let you know how I will bloom

her name is Unicorn Kiwi

You guessed it!

You got to know that it’s me

Humbled I am; I am blessed

He chose me, knowing he had a choice in the rest

The Lord does it for every time

He’ll forgive you, then bless you

Even when flesh believes it’s a crime

Covered by the blood; I’m highly favored

Happy tears; someone give me a tissue

He made me, and I mean made me highly flavored

With the gift of a spirit nonidentical

That you can’t help but want to see how far I’ll go

With the many talents I have

That I get people saying I’m in the wrong field

I just talk myself away from it – gift of gab

I do believe my being shouldn’t be in this sort of standstill

The way I am and how I operate

Its simple mathematical – Ava Lovelace

I be moving so fast it feels like slow motion

In between I look for my banana boat to swim in my ocean

Off subject; let’s find something else to talk about – let’s deflect

Focus now, fuck the sex

Let me see that intellect

I’m a roll

Give me all the discernment

Allow myself to have control

So that I’ll maintain the right temperament

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