The Journal…

Journal Entry 57

I am always improving my life

I Am

Establish a direct path that leads to moral enlightenment; 
I long for a lifetime of knowledge over ten seconds of excitement.
Expose me to a journey that is free of judgement, and love that is grand; 
Preserve my peace from the thought of feeling there’s anything I cannot withstand.
Bind me with compressions of safety with a nourishing embrace; 
My flaws allow an opportunity to appreciate how I am made.
Every so often I humbly ask for the things I sincerely desire, because closed mouths don’t get fed;
I’m bottling nothing up anymore, but I’ll be broad in my communication instead.

Journal Entry fifty6*

Everything’s just as it’s meant to be…

I Am

New beginnings start right in the middle of it; as said constantly, time will not end here.
I caused the most profound change ever made;
Mind it all happens at the beginning of the year!
I never thought I would discover myself recognizing what I justly deserve; 
Life has thrown a home run this season, and this time I am ready!
I called on God to shift me, and I didn’t hit not one curb;
Thank God for Jesus, and things are getting better for me!


I’ve never felt so comfortable; producing energy, I haven’t felt in so long.
My life experiences are more personal; definitely, this is where I belong!
I love it here; drastically achieving what’s necessary to prepare me for better.
I’m walking into my purpose with no fear!
Ultimately, things will eventually come together.
Bellowing through it caused violent weather; 
Promises are no more! I only have room for guarantees;
My spirit is aligning back with my soul. 
And this has undoubtedly put my mind at ease…

facing myself *

I can be nervous yet still act with courage…

I Am

I’m managing my time in order for me to follow this through.
Another’s ideal love isn’t what justly makes me complete; 
I have armor enclosing me.
There isn’t a soul that could deem me obsolete.
My faith is all I desire to overcome my fears!
I am liberated from apathy and doubt toward my abilities;
The mannerism I prominently display is where that statement will naturally appear.

New Chapter *

I started off quite disassembled;
my priorities are sincere.
It’s solely channelled to my temple;
my heart is where I absolutely feel.

And sometimes it hurts; causing me 
to be attentively crippled.
The trauma was one of a kind; you can’t
exactly forget abuse.
However, I still push to live otherwise;
my blessings are safe and bristled.

I decided to strength the foundation of
my purpose;
walking in love, spreading joy throughout 
my journey within the surface.

Talking it Out until it Makes Sense*

this is not a odd mistake.
time is man made. I’m firmly convinced; 
paranoia is beyond crossing the line or a fence.
i question why certain events are exhausted on me;
I shouldn’t have to walk through life cautiously.
abuse of power is beyond pious!
the enemy bears many faces; I’m throwing my faith at him,
throughout any crisis.
know it’s eternally a prayer, when i feel i may stumble;
proudly shouting to my savior no longer afraid to speak 
above a mumble!

Excerpt #50

Beyond Grateful

*repeat [1]*

Positivity is best assurance; it facilitates serenity.
Maintain an honest identity.
Build an armor of affection too intimate to retire.
Prioritize the time, with the heart. Not when its required.
Value any instance where there’s a chance to be courageous.
Balance the ability to be humble and tenacious.

Finding the Fine Line*

Understand my understanding*

There’s no need to rush eagerly;
the result will inevitably
be the same.
Blurting out – what genuinely seems to me, 
sentimental nonsense, until the moral relevance of it
all naturally begin making sense.

The journey is a unique beast to be tamed.
If I’m unallowed to walk out, I won’t hesitate to strike the fence.
My expressed confidence is immense; i’m powerfully moving with divine grace to my ultimate defense.

Journal Entry # 55

Enjoying the lull;
Hoping this tranquility doesn’t end.
Espousing what I do with my time;
Fortifying my spirit without narrow lines.
Wrapped up with confidence; 
Earnestly desiring an incredible abundance.
I’m letting down my defense.
I appreciate this!
Impressing on the indescribable;
Peace is my new fortress.
Where everything is completely possible!

Journal Entry # 54

Holding back doesn’t relate to me
within my heart and mind, there’s
moral certainty 
Idle fear is no longer apart of 
who I am;
Expanding my capacity with philosophies 
that’ll last.
I’m happily moving with devout faith;
Preparing for the pivotal moment to recreate
my namesake…

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