I found what I am looking for; this adventure I’ve unveiled, is far from a bore. an ethical kind of intimacy that has shown to be appeasing; enjoying every moment, it’s very pleasing.

my life is full of twists and turns, too much for one person to affirm; I’m otherwise mad, being inflicted with wrong-doing, yet, I still have the power to be glad.

I’m cutting out any interferers, I will force so many to understand my fear; I’m in shock by God knows what , keeping down the inequities from becoming a reflux.

shadowing my sorrows with a smile, knowing deep down there’s only a frown; symbolizing as one of kind, I will attest that I’m indeed someone in their prime…

write or wrong*

focus on what interests you; make sure it doesn’t bore you easily, and it’s something you can actually do.

talking in third person helps me understand myself, it’s a secret weapon, which happen to be a side effect in my health. [laugh it’s fine, you have your story and I have mine]

use every resource you have, to making sure each sacrifice you make will last; stay focused, even when the things around you, get’s you frustrated or mad.

once the moment is over, you can just declare it to be in the past…

frantic moment*

i allowed my emotions to make an embarrassing decision; I acted out on my subconscious, showing them what was within – mental division.

once again I was made to be somewhat like the energy shifter; when it’s honestly never the bigger picture. irritated by the neglect I’ve been shown by its company; bracing myself, making sure I’m doing the right things around obvious energy and the elephant that accompanied.

releasing feelings that I don’t wish to dwell on at this point; I’m not looking for problems, and all negativity I avoid.

I’m always taking risks that would probably never be reciprocated; though, I never argue the position to be big enough to step up to the plate.


I set fire to those that are flammable; I’m eating through the flesh of it, as if I was a cannibal. the way I may describe my circumstances may sound rude; I am the messenger of my own message, telling you that I’ve been treated cruel…


make it magical

make your love feel radical

puncture my sweet place

it’s love that I want to make

graze your fingertips upon the small of my back

foreplay will be our first act

i am spicy and you are sweet

yet, those oppositions makes in sync…


it’s frightening to see the lengths people go to denounce the truth; creating explanations such as, “you’re insane, or its substance abuse. People find honesty uncomfortable and rude, then thinking the best time to be real is when you’re mad, now is that cool?

I’m just wrapping my mind around those who believe there’s a proper moment for veracity; my actions will be my adage, my words will not need validity. often we find ourselves in someone else’s point view, instead of looking back, look at what’s in front of you – walk in your own truth.

it doesn’t matter what people say, it can’t make or break your day, unless you allow it; walk in your own understanding without pride; there’s plenty of blessings to go around, if only you could just stop lying, they can be found.

I can’t stand it, speak from your bosom and with enthusiasm, never announce your truth with poor phantasms; make it real, there’s only one of you, and from another you shouldn’t have to steal, for no one can have your truth…

no Bueno*

I almost ripped a page, I’m trying to refrain the rage; I mean I want your presence, but I don’t want to engage. I leisurely amble around a matter I prefer to pass; I’m not eager at all to hear about something I use to have…

keep looking forward, don’t be enslaved by your past. being engrossed with the things you’re sure will last; never put all your taters in one bag…


I’ve surrounded myself around wealth and networks; I want to absorb so much knowledge that my brain will start to hurt. the fruits of life is what I choose to feed on; my journey is feeling mad long…

putting figures on my decisions, I never wanted to live only with permission. who I am, and who I am growing to be, will manifest things unheard of; am full-time, there will not be any subs…

there are many outcomes that has made me perplexed; there’re volumes of it, yet, it seem so vexed. shutting down dark matter, I’m not allowing foreign energy to make me a mad-hatter…

cutting out parts of life, like pieces of magazines; creating a vision board, that can’t be intervened; chortling in happiness, that gives no symptoms of stress; moving in ways that’ll magnify sunshine, I’m telling you – it’s getting closer to my time!


there’s no reason to be so rapid, everyone knows about the turtle and the rabbit; what of a snail? I’m sure that would be a hell of tale.

what happens when you move just a tad bit slower? you just might recognize something that was just around the corner, and moreover.

slow-motion gives you distinct details, given broader opportunities that could impel. going over every moment with an open observation, that I’ll will only allow positive preservation.


I am flattered with growing pains; I am gaining in ways that prove that I’ve been brave and; agonizing dilemmas spoil only a second of my time; I know when to cut it off though, I don’t need a sign.

finding different expressions to utilize, creating my own unique design; breaking a plethora of habits that could hinder me; avoiding afflictions that could cause infamy.

who else can I be, when I’m myself perfectly? why would anything else be better? any other version wouldn’t compare, nor its pressure…