I realized there was much to explore 
Leading to myself into a legacy; 
Instead running from what was for me 
I walked right in, and it was an audience; 
Waiting for my poised accordance 
My value though, could never be afforded; 
In that room are opportunities, blessings 
It’s up to you if you decide to collect them, or make them into lessons 

Short stories are kind of like that, messing up can be quick 
Though, cleaning it up can make a story 1000 pages thick 
Still can’t make sense of it 
Open it up and walk through that door; 
It could be so much that you can explore!

One Soul | Two Spirits | Three Faces

we have three faces they say; the one we show to the world, the one we should to our family, and the one we see, ourselves at the end of day. exploring the nature of merging all three; I’ve become infatuated with the idea. to be a complete and whole being; as one person without fear.

having absolute control on what you want people to see; how would that affect the world’s decree? by using false prophecies to mute when you speak; in other words, blasphemy!

life usually gets rough in the middle of your days – hence, mid-life crisis’ is what it was called yesterday. with dirt and gravel, produces foundation for new comings. whether it’s a new way of living or drastic shift in your shortcomings…


being patient is like allowing life just to happen. I have realized that there are things you really cant manipulate, and that’s ok. when the inevitable get’s involved, know that what was for you – would be yours anyhow; you are obligated to all your blessings no matter how long it takes to receive them. time is what it is; though we try to get ahead of it; even times where we can actually make that happen, we don’t realize it until we get behind again. rambling on – but this is sensible stuff, no pulling wisdom out of thin air, just using the gift of common sense to apply better awareness…

stop allowing the anxiety of opportunity get the best of you; there are many ways to see things in a better view. appointed to things you may not think you deserve; can turn negativity into a positive curve – even though having front row seats to so many problems can work on your nerves. that’s fine, it’s natural; we all have our days, and that’s factual!


My daydreams often involve lights and tunnels toward my future; on a short journey to get closer to what’s peculiar.. In my happy place with rainbows and unicorns; hearing beautiful music played by beautiful horns…

I am imagining my success in whatever makes me complete; you may think this is weird, but this is how I see. Daydreaming is like a visual manifestation of what will be my reality! 

open book*

verse by verse I’ve given myself an unique style, and as I write, my thoughts begin to make a sound; diversifying what most people think is abnormal, so the things I say can appear to be paranormal…

becoming what I need to be, instead of what I want to be; exposing a mount of gratitude and mercy, I just want to maintain a better attitude…

the things people would do for personal gain, has always sent intriguing sparks to the brain, from this, I’m ready to move forward and learn from these things, because I have been training and preparing for a real change…


bright greens and blues, no money or sad songs to go through; there’s natural beings to be loved and to pursue. being taught to love all things, is something we learn we can all do; being patient and allowing its essence to work it out, which is ascertain by few. I’m taking initiative even if I don’t have to.

the greatest saying I know is, “It starts with you.”

I wont allow any situation to cause me to feel mitigated, I’ve been through enough already, my victory will not be locked down, nor gated.


my head is sore, the work I do can sometimes be a repetitive bore. all the foolishness, I try to ignore; people like to play, as if someone’s taking score… there’re people that I do adore. and there’re those that I would take pleasure in beating to the floor…

wellness Czech*

four days I’ve been in this room, I’ve been bored, content, and blue; I’m learning that being alone, isn’t always lonely, and that it’s ok when people can’t afford me…

my body scares me sometimes, when I’m unwell, it doesn’t always give me a sign. Thank God that when it comes to my health, there is no pride…

I’m under the weather, and the sunlight is doing it’s best to help me be better; the climate is confused, cloudy cold, but a sky that is a bright baby blue…

I’m taking in the wind; with it blowing in so many directions, it’s hard to tell where it begin… It’s a graceful thing how nature harmonize that way, the way the air blows the strongest trees with a certain sway…

An autumn season, with a winter chill, I’m no longer sure that being cold is a healthy way to feel…


mustard seed faith, will follow my namesake; i am powerful with superpowers, and i don’t need a cape!

i soar through the sky without wings – I still have the ability to fly, and it’s a blessing.

locking my eyes on accomplishments, that’ll be well worth the compliment.