Journal Entry # 27 and 28*


One hour ago things were very grey; right now I’m more than amazed.

Repetitive things don’t always adjust to the way I think; life is familiar – just like writing in the same ink, doesn’t mean I’m going to writing the same thing.

I’m looking for grace and mercy to flood my soul and spirit; I want to feel it in my veins; I’m searching for it beyond these walls, above this ceiling!

Don’t make me say that again….


I am great

I am empathetic

I am not small

I am not pathetic

I am a servant

I am a leader

I am not quiet

I am a loud speaker

I am a conqueror

I am triumphant

I am not less than

I am one out of one-hundred

I am filled with glory

I am thankful to my Lord

I am not fiction

I am a true story

Journal Entry # 20

2 Timothy 3:16-17

I am authoring today, there are things I have in my heart, I want to say; I want to validly deliver these terms, in a certain way… So down below will express what I truly mean, in the way that I pray…

“All Scripture is inspired by God, and is useful to teach us what is true and what make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teach us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.”

I am soaking up many experiences I’ve had in yesteryear; seeing later on that I’ve been surrounded by people whose intent was hurt me as a whole – it’s been made very clear.

I present myself with necessary wisdom – marking the times where I win some and lose some; I’m comprehending that life is never going to stop throwing stones, it’s really up to us to focus, and stay in the proper zones.

Managing my inner-anger has had a plethora obstacles I have to go through, and as simple as it signs, there are things I know will be hard to do.

Plodding through my journey, so that I don’t miss anything; I know there’s a finish line close to this chapter, and it’s approaching faster than next spring…

I Seen Her*

i had a vision, and saw the most ingenious, and beautiful woman; however, as I walked away from the mirror I no longer seen her…the only memory I could maintained were her eyes –

I swear, it’s all I could remember; it was like a portal into a peculiar kind of paradise… all my intentions for her, was to melt away the chill from her heart – because she was as cold as ice…

One Soul | Two Spirits | Three Faces

we have three faces they say; the one we show to the world, the one we should to our family, and the one we see, ourselves at the end of day. exploring the nature of merging all three; I’ve become infatuated with the idea. to be a complete and whole being; as one person without fear.

having absolute control on what you want people to see; how would that affect the world’s decree? by using false prophecies to mute when you speak; in other words, blasphemy!

life usually gets rough in the middle of your days – hence, mid-life crisis’ is what it was called yesterday. with dirt and gravel, produces foundation for new comings. whether it’s a new way of living or drastic shift in your shortcomings…

forgiveness for me*

I’m amused at the things I choose to love, and stress about; mindlessly naïve to what I should’ve given doubt. I’m frazzled with thoughts I’ve constantly brainstormed; coming to an understanding that there’s a certain way to perform.

I am moving very steady; making preparations to be ready. whatever may come, I want to fully be whole for my blessing; my first reaction will be to many, quite an impression. I’ve been working on changeable flaws; I don’t bother listing them, it would sound like a drawn out clause.

I truly want to be a better person daily; given with support I hold tight to, can only be family. What’s insane, is they’re worst than strangers; though, it’s safe to say at least we can understand each others anger…


I have a story that would blow your mind; it could take awhile, so I hope you have time…

building a cornerstone that’ll create a new past; pushing back the bad dwellings with the good and vast. as a teen I portrayed the life of an adult; when it was time to act my age, I didn’t know how, and that’s not my fault.

influences can extend a huge impact; those who are elder to me had plans to enact. adolescent and naïve to what was really right and really wrong; being in that position can also come with rebellion, while being headstrong.

with such responsibility at a stage during puberty, while I’m fighting demons to get far from a toxic continuity; I’m turning it all around, once I’ve crossed over the abyss; I’ll finally have something else to reminisce…


far away from here sounds like a figment; the way things have been going, it doesn’t sound like a bad commitment. I wanna be where only stars brighten my night, while sunshine illuminates my day; I wanna get lost in a conception of felicity, grasping every aspect of this phase.

no longer living with a mindset of life feeling often naught; neutralizing any wickedness that may try to overcast any dream I’ve sought. appeasing to idealize an existence of purity and its nourishments; some days I wish for evil there would be a special law to banish it, with the communities full encouragement.

I aspire for genuine admiration to cleanse my mind of the thought of it being improbable; free of naivety in knowing that nothing is truly impossible. my feet are grounded to the earth and my mind and is centralized in faith; for this figment I revered is closer than far away…

Multiple roads*

Finding So Many paths to

take: Running toward it.

My heart never hesitate.

I own my actions; forgiving

myself when need be, for

my soul’s satisfaction.

Watching from a higher point

of view: looking at this road,

and only seeing good news .

The taste of life is so

exquisite; Giving at first, a

bitter taste, afterwards a

sweet savor requisite to visit.

Relief in every step I take on

this pavement; Confident in

all my arraignments.

I am a light – I’m always told:

Therefore, I will keep my flame

burning bright, with no

ambition to ever fold!

Go back To Yourself*

Reflecting is a subconscious

super power!

Believing in time can deduct

a perfect hour .

Keep up with the prophecy of

the metaphor.

Looking back, without dwelling on


I’m extremely, powerful

enduring what I am comfortable

with – then it’s allowable.

Pondering about my future in

the responsibility Of freedom.

for the day I’ll accept to be,

judged, is when the Lord him-

self come ..

I am of perfect Image, in HIS

eyes; my true skin – with no

fear in I demise.

Love is a powerful weapon.

As long as I live, that, and of

many principles… I will never

forget them