Journal Entry # 32 and 33

Rinse and Repeat*

Numb-Err 32*

Discovering who I am has displayed many leveled difficulties.

Dwelling in places I shouldn’t have been, but it’s my fault, you see.

Taking a stand for what is right, and not a great good.

If people would just mind their own, they would understand why I took a chance and stood.

This is what I’ve I learned so far; now I need to move on to healing my next scar…

Number 33*

Each day, I reflect in the morning; deafening myself from outside noise.

I’m in wanderlust, and the route is revealing many reasons I am glowing; God! I’m doing my best to not to find anything else to fill this void.

I am quite complex; My make-up is pleasant, but the colours are blue.

I am the one to be next; the cover of my book isn’t half of what I can do.

Journal Entry # 31

Mistake to a Lesson*

Eating an unforgettable fruit

Yearning to understand Eve’s point of view

I’ve dived into something that was once a promise

I’m enduring many emotions, yet I’m at my calmest

Realizing that I do these things to test the strength I heed

I’m taking control of this vice without intentions of deceit

Proving to myself that I know when to take action

Being stern, breaking down each obstacle by a fraction

I call myself enhancing the powers I already possess

I just don’t those around me to extend any extra stress

Why isn’t there another way to celebrate

My option is a funeral or a birthday cake – for Christ’ sake

One glance, digesting the fruit of an unknown

And I just disappear – wanting to find somewhere to call home

Journal Entry # 25*

I fell into a deep slumber, whilst listening to an abundance of wisdom; I magnify Jesus’ name, because only he is the way to a true kingdom!

I’ve never been shy about His name or my love for Him. Many don’t understand, but I’m glad that I’m one of them!

I view my writings as prayer; I get deep into the thought, knowing that when I get lost in any trap within my mind, I know to always call on my Savior!

I ask now and anyone reading this – Shower us with mercy, so that grace can flow when sorrow makes us thirsty; with your guidance, I have no fear as I travel through my journey.

Journal Entry [interlude]


moving on in my philosophy, can help to be more parallel; being aligned, whilst asking for support, always end with, “I wish you well.”

trying to enter a room without smite – doing my best to show hospitality, even when I may think it’s not right.

I have an insisting heart toward my aspirations; as I traveled many roads I’ve broken a great measure of curses, going back many generations.

finalizing the agreement I made to myself; Assuring each choice I make never hinder me, but help.

Journal Entry # 15

3rd Moon’s the Charm*

The room is still on high frequency

-I’m awake, yet it feels like a dream

being embraced like that, was the definition of intimacy

-God knows, nothing is what it seem

I’m in anguish by the way things are conditioned

-As a woman , it’s hard not to display emotion

I get mad often, because, what happened to my choices and decisions

-Why can’t i just be the focus?

Journal Entry # 9

as positive as I want to appear, sadness do sometimes reflect in the mirror…


sitting in hiding, wanting to be rescued and recovered; my heart has been hardened, because with revealing myself, who I am, still hasn’t been discovered.

it’s almost like I know of something unknown; I’m not neglecting the time that was put in, but in this I found that I am alone.

this isn’t bad; it’s a sign that things are temporary, and eventually will be in the past.

I’m realizing that I cannot expect someone to reflect the same actions I would; saving and finding me, was a lesson that never understood.

I didn’t allow it to hinder my way, I’m the one who regulate my space; as eager as I am to completely make it around the circle, i will continue to stay in my lane

Journal Entry #7*

learning to separate the spirit from the emotion…

within myself is where peace truly live; especially, when you learn to forgive.

I am more pleased by my new behavior, it use to feel like failure …

I yearn to genuinely be humble; so, I stray from judgement – wouldn’t want my blessings to crumble…

it’s so much I want to do; being good at just one thing, has never been my mood!

Journal Entries # 3 and 4*

although in my mind it’s feels like gibberish; please understand this is me figuring out who I am with a peculiar way of delivering it


spilling emotions into my work; easing my heart from the actual hurt

every day I try to make sense of what I am doing; conceiving the conquering of everything I am pursuing

on a journey to tranquility, even though life mostly has been on a mission to defeat me; I’m motionless to threats, I’d rather let my pen bleed

shaking up many hornet’s nests, my mind is as strong as my body, later, I’ll find time to rest


this is very therapeutic – watching Ricky and Morty – because it’s sincerely amusing

quoting my thoughts with intentions to reflect on my ways; in search of a better manner to behave

I’m fixing up my environment for succession; as well, I’ll reflect on where I need progression

motivation never felt so good – it’s all in the mannerism and physical face value; inspired by the options available to me; catching up to all that’s due; I should always be given the truth

Journal Entry # 2*

I'm changing the narrative;
attaining all that is provided, so I can 
produce clearer reactions to give

manufacturing better habits, 
so change can be less difficult;
no longer pointing fingers at those who aren't
at fault

clean and fragrant vibrations keeps me 
motivated; pushing my space to productive
and cultivated

not saying I know where this truly going; though,
when it's clear, only then, will I embrace the moment

Journal Entry # 1*

today, I took my time;

every thing went as scheduled, without running behind

moving at a steady pace;

making calculated moves to make sure I’m being safe

I yield to sketchy roads;

embracing the need to live, its not time for my being to go cold

making note to every pro, and con;

connecting only to happiness as true bond

searching for different avenues to manifest my necessities;

exerting myself into this kind of lifestyle by all means