subjected to only love, nurturing my heart only with positivity; finding peace and constant tranquility. putting together things anew, discovering creativity in more ways than two.

I usher my intuition, to manage stable premonitions – I’m making many changes, and I’m doing it at close range….

give me a royal blue sky, where the sunshine isn’t deprived; accommodating the opportunity to truly survive. show me a world undivided, that it’s possible to begin with love… we have it in us, we just got to apply it.

forgiveness for me*

I’m amused at the things I choose to love, and stress about; mindlessly naïve to what I should’ve given doubt. I’m frazzled with thoughts I’ve constantly brainstormed; coming to an understanding that there’s a certain way to perform.

I am moving very steady; making preparations to be ready. whatever may come, I want to fully be whole for my blessing; my first reaction will be to many, quite an impression. I’ve been working on changeable flaws; I don’t bother listing them, it would sound like a drawn out clause.

I truly want to be a better person daily; given with support I hold tight to, can only be family. What’s insane, is they’re worst than strangers; though, it’s safe to say at least we can understand each others anger…


I realized that I have an unspeakable amount of strength; getting to a point where I am standing on what I meant. There’s a lot of energy used to manage my temperament. I’m befuddled with the way I’m often treated; no matter what though, I’ll do my best to be obedient.


uncomfortable with the way my life is currently conditioned; even if i fall again, I’ll my best to sustain my ambition.

any figure of speech can be dangerous used in the wrong manner; as powerful as words can be, I make it my business to speak with candor.

I want to be the one counted for first; give me unconditional security! I want to break this generational curse; show me love in it’s fullest purity!

I pray when it’s bad or good; God will always know my heart and with him, I’ll never be misunderstood.

mid Life*

  • I’m mad confused when trusting is an option, what am I really choosing..?
  • It’s hard trying to figure out what’s genuine, like, what’s the motive and the goal..?
  • Using my strengths and inspirations as a super power – I use them to figure out life…
  • Writing has been therapeutic lately; falling in love again with my craft…
  • I’m so anxious to pursue all the conscious gifts I possess in the best possible way
  • What should I be using, my heart, my emotions, or both..?

Multiple roads*

Finding So Many paths to

take: Running toward it.

My heart never hesitate.

I own my actions; forgiving

myself when need be, for

my soul’s satisfaction.

Watching from a higher point

of view: looking at this road,

and only seeing good news .

The taste of life is so

exquisite; Giving at first, a

bitter taste, afterwards a

sweet savor requisite to visit.

Relief in every step I take on

this pavement; Confident in

all my arraignments.

I am a light – I’m always told:

Therefore, I will keep my flame

burning bright, with no

ambition to ever fold!

no Subjected reason*

Bursts of thoughts, that never had intentions to be sought. It’s cute when you know what it is you need to do, when to submit and when to subdue, anyone or any issue. My mind is going and going, like the how the energizer bunny be rolling,

The intensity of my supposition is a rush of so many intensions. Good ones though, nothing resulting in malice,  but with love, care, and compassion. I can be so affectionate, people know that about me, especially if you’re my sweetie! Off subject, but just making a point, or example if you may,

I’m laying it down and just getting heavy today! I only want you to see what my vision is, it’s a beautiful sight, of things manifested through my strength and my might. Even though I’m in the storm, I have my umbrella and my trench coat to keep me warm. The Lord is my shield and protector, hence the outerwear for the weather. I don’t want to dig to deep down in there with my metaphors,

I’m ripping these band aids off even with the sores! Because what’s done is done, you’ve already been hit, there’s no point in it to run. I’m now fighting back, throwing this knowledge, no need for a gun. My intellect is my ammo, my thought process is the chamber, and my tongue is the trigger. I have no time to entertain foolishness, when I could be counting figures. The revenue I deserve, for all the hard work I do, because my purpose is to serve.

My heart is pure; always coming from a good space of energy, though, it can get dark when life sends mindless stupidity; that evolves into a test that I should’ve passed easily. Again, I’ll learn, same lesson, different scenario; I’m going take it all, apply it, and learn not to go there anymore and to let it go….