Moving Forward…

Third Person’s Understanding
Nasty…. Just a little…


She from where it rains diamonds; Jupiter’s moon-light…

~ Europa, Ki Wi

Get To Know Me*

Feeling as if I’m at the beginning of my journey, and extremely vulnerable; I am very nervous, yet, courageously excited. I am sharing the most important thing to me, and that’s my poetry. Sharing it with the world is just an added comfort, knowing that there’s an audience out there who will understand my purpose, and will support me no matter what!

As I go on, you will undoubtedly learn who Europa is, and then they’ll be times where you’ll allow Kiwi in to comprehend the way she sees the world as well. This is me, my legacy, my legend, my story. Your opinions, advice, even criticism, will very much cloud this space, and that’s ok. This is what I am asking for, and I am ready!

I write like I may forget what I have to say; as if there’s not enough time in the day! Imaginative and liberal in my words – some are appeasing, others are absurd. But it’s my freedom of speech; you don’t know what I may teach… whether its an opinion or fact; it’s my choice to say this or that!

It’s time to let my fears go, so that my purpose in life can grow!

The way I communicate has always mathematical; timing is everything, what is time without it’s numbers to make day and night, then what do you have? I am calculated, yet, cryptic; with an open mind going in, there’s no way that what I may say is not comprehended.

It’s time for me to flourish in my purpose, as well. This is why I feel that my blog should be at the top of your subscription list. I understand the truths of what goes on when you clock out of work, and facing no one but yourself. Hear me out, so that you can see just like I am right now, that you are not alone.

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