Journal Entry No. Forty-One*

Keep going everyone exclaims; I wonder if my audience genuinely recognize the pain. My day is coming and its closer than I've predicted; absorbing things that'll encourage me to excel, instead of being ignorant.

Placing matters in another's hand doesn't sit comfortably with my spirit; no matter how many excuses or reasons, altogether, I don't want to discern it! I should just move out of bounds; Blocking out considerations of failures, because those exact thoughts could hold me down.

Pulling on a rope that holds my success on the other side, devotes strength to remove egotistic mannerisms to move forward without pride. I put myself in multiple dimensions, because I deserve spreading my sunshine with honorable intentions; My surroundings are often unusual; undeniably, the things; that's been; learnt from these foreign places feels trusting and mutual.


The above percentage is the amount of how many will understand…

I’m carefully gathering all the key elements within divine nature; considering every encounter as major.

My manner of connecting doesn’t impress the way its expected; the approach is thorough and magnetic!

Many possibilities have consistently stood before me, though, I nevertheless consider choices that frequently reflects negative anomalies…

I become flustered when speaking in first person; to me, the repetition of it for certain.
That doesn’t discourage the eternal will to keep going; it’s realized keenly that somewhere in this, I am profitably growing.

The direct vision can be accurately reflected – by heart am the vessel which delivers; the goal is inevitably lead by faithfully representing the first to willingly surrender!
Daintily picking my battles use to be rocky; right away, I efficiently managed to achieve lasting peace withing eternally.

Gathering thoughts, whilst focusing on anything but the arcane issues that drives me insane; sincerely, my passionate heart can handle a lot, but when betrayal is the root, many risk getting slain – I am not playing.

Emotionally, I’m exhausted at this chosen point; all I’ve sought to obtain was guarantees, not empty promises. I’ve dealt cards that has been played on me, and in that moment I understood I also hold responsibility honestly…

intimate one*

I found you, and I mean it!
I’m gratified because, I believed it was momentary;
Instantly I began crying…

What a beautiful reveal; I was overly anxious, now my spirit is still.

This was truly relieving;
Exploiting such a vulnerable space, showing my words genuinely retains meaning!


I want to communicate how I write, because in reverse, I could take on a sailor, any day or night! What’s wrong with being raw on what I believe to be honesty; when I soften it up, it seems that no one is listening to me!

I’m tired of being taken advantage of; why is it so hard to do right by the ones we love?
Inhaling the frustration, hoping it’ll go away when it’s exhaled; I’m distancing myself from negativity, I don’t care if I have to yell!

Journal Entry # 40


Gazing thoughtfully into a future I’m working to manifest.
Drawing out ambitious blueprints, graciously allowing my God some rest.
We can’t do it entirely by ourselves, we all need help; keeping in mind, that one must go by the facts and not how one may have felt!

I’m feeling undeniably worthy and procured; walking on unshakable faith is clearly understood!
Naturally possessing everlasting happiness can be rare; as long as one’s focus is attentive, one will continue being aware.

Punctuating key steps to follow what comes out of one’s mouth; confident and honesty will never cause you to doubt.
Oft-times, there are moments where I feel it’s not enough; Nevertheless, once I reflect, and recognize I’m capable of more, my strength becomes resilient even when it gets rough!

Journal Entry # 39

I don’t feel any negative pressure; I’m touched by one’s intellect, and it’s sincerely a pleasure.
Genuine compassion that lead to indescribable encounters naturally brings divine grace; I’m allowed to seize ample time, because one induces me to feel like this isn’t a race.
Escaping to a world separate from where pain and misery reside; unbolting the door of assurance, for there’s no longer a need to hide.

Journal Entry # 38*

My eyes are directed north; resolutely facing each intended mission that comes forth.
Visualizing the thought of peace and happiness; even though I want the love, I stray from the stress.
My cultural intimacy that has precedence; my ultimate goal is more than just practical independence.
I’m aware things will eventually fall into place; I’m recognizing this is a marathon and not a race!

Journal Entry #’s 36 and 37*


My patience is there, but it’s thin.
I have much to confess, but I don’t know where to begin; 
The first step has to start within.
I’m declaring my throne as a resilient woman.
Ready for anything, at any moment.
I am who I am; that’ll always fuel my confidence.


She sits gracefully in an illuminated room, not realizing she naturally serves as the key source to the leading light; the gentle radiance of her eager spirit spreads like wildfire, exploiting boundless love full of sprites! As one gets more intimate with the direct vision, eventually brings clear sight.

She’s diligently pursuing a lifelong dream that’s naturally forming into her ultimate reality; as her hands touch the silhouette of her ultimate fate, she loses sight on what may invariably appear as a functional abnormality.

Liberal Thoughts*

Being full of the divine power of love requires immense responsibility; eternal sacrifices are required, and it’s held at the intensest degree.

Being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually unconditional, retains a unique level of intellectual intimacy; it feels, then appear to obtain a guarantee, and that’s promising.

I’m trekking in the established confidence of trust, it’s genuinely a sensation of supremacy; I’m gushing with many emotions, because sincerely, I feel one is falling in love with me…

Under no circumstances has there been any pressure – I’m moved by one’s intellect, and it’s a pleasure.

Elements that leads to indescribable moments, brings me grace; I’m able to take my time, because one knows this isn’t a race.

Being in a world separate from where pain and anguish reside;
I’m opening my door to assurance, and there’s no need to hide.


Paranoia used to create depression; eventually becoming an obsession.

Being in a vulnerable position is, or can be dangerous; in the wrong hands, it can a battle to trust.

I’m over the destruction from the unknown need to panic; my goal is not for this to become a habit!

I’ve come along way, though, I’m still on a journey that isn’t far; my light will continue to shine brilliantly, especially in the dark!