Journal Entry # 45

I.D.K [Internally Dwell Knowledge]

Focusing on better moments within my imbalance life; coping with it all by praying, and less crying myself to sleep on moonlit nights.
I tenderly encapsulate it down to the skin of my fingertips; it’s excruciating to be this patient, only God can precisely fix.

My dreadful suffering genuinely feels like active viruses working desperately through my incorruptible body; although I’m developing an immune system that opposes this in the future, I’ll also neglect the potential negative. Even if it feels comparable to a probably.

My notable days has been indifferent, every possible move I carry out ends with sincere repentance; the optimal strategy in my eternal life is to adequately represent someone spiritually aligned. My intended purpose is to spread God’s word by practicing what I advise.

Though, the human, imperfect part of me loathe when those around act as if they’ll be hither for more than an undefeated season. These implements don’t exactly happen for no reason. 

Deciding to shift my mindset really it’s feel like an internal reset; the matrix of the mind suffers punishment within ourselves when we neglect our own thoughts. To me, another’s expressed opinion before your own is a cult…

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