Journal Entry No. Forty-One*

Keep going everyone exclaims; I wonder if my audience genuinely recognize the pain. My day is coming and its closer than I've predicted; absorbing things that'll encourage me to excel, instead of being ignorant.

Placing matters in another's hand doesn't sit comfortably with my spirit; no matter how many excuses or reasons, altogether, I don't want to discern it! I should just move out of bounds; Blocking out considerations of failures, because those exact thoughts could hold me down.

Pulling on a rope that holds my success on the other side, devotes strength to remove egotistic mannerisms to move forward without pride. I put myself in multiple dimensions, because I deserve spreading my sunshine with honorable intentions; My surroundings are often unusual; undeniably, the things; that's been; learnt from these foreign places feels trusting and mutual.

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