The above percentage is the amount of how many will understand…

I’m carefully gathering all the key elements within divine nature; considering every encounter as major.

My manner of connecting doesn’t impress the way its expected; the approach is thorough and magnetic!

Many possibilities have consistently stood before me, though, I nevertheless consider choices that frequently reflects negative anomalies…

I become flustered when speaking in first person; to me, the repetition of it for certain.
That doesn’t discourage the eternal will to keep going; it’s realized keenly that somewhere in this, I am profitably growing.

The direct vision can be accurately reflected – by heart am the vessel which delivers; the goal is inevitably lead by faithfully representing the first to willingly surrender!
Daintily picking my battles use to be rocky; right away, I efficiently managed to achieve lasting peace withing eternally.

Gathering thoughts, whilst focusing on anything but the arcane issues that drives me insane; sincerely, my passionate heart can handle a lot, but when betrayal is the root, many risk getting slain – I am not playing.

Emotionally, I’m exhausted at this chosen point; all I’ve sought to obtain was guarantees, not empty promises. I’ve dealt cards that has been played on me, and in that moment I understood I also hold responsibility honestly…

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