Amanda’s World*

“There’s a well in me…”

Genesis 1:28

Often I stumble down to a place that makes me dark; putting myself behind the prey that caused it from the start.

I stray from any form of manipulation; it causes me to feel confused with frustration.

Today, I retire from old guilt trips; I’m moving on to greater fellowships.

I’ve realized that support is replaceable; I understand that there’re more options than to lean on those who’d rather make a fool of you.

Devastation, embarrassment, and acceptance – these things have appeared in my life as a hinderance.

Exploiting it has opened my spirit, finding fruition within the problem.

Showing responsibility for my actions, to create better solutions to solve them.

Capturing the key idea of this conundrum inadmissibly, understanding where the roots begin; bellowing over indescribable emotions that I’m fighting within.

I’m confident this will also be well enough to come together; soon time will tell, until then, I’ll continue to apply the pressure!

2 responses to “Amanda’s World*”

  1. I guess as we get older, we learn to let things and people go. People who no longer add to our growth, people who only want to use us. If we focus more on ourselves rather than letting anyone run our lives for us, I guess we’ll be better off.

    Hi, I am Ragazza Triste, you can also check my blog page, maybe we can be friends and learn from each other. Have a good day! 🙂

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    1. That was an amazing break down on where I am coming from! Thank you! I look forward to checking your blog out! 🥰


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