Journal Entries # 3 and 4*

although in my mind it’s feels like gibberish; please understand this is me figuring out who I am with a peculiar way of delivering it


spilling emotions into my work; easing my heart from the actual hurt

every day I try to make sense of what I am doing; conceiving the conquering of everything I am pursuing

on a journey to tranquility, even though life mostly has been on a mission to defeat me; I’m motionless to threats, I’d rather let my pen bleed

shaking up many hornet’s nests, my mind is as strong as my body, later, I’ll find time to rest


this is very therapeutic – watching Ricky and Morty – because it’s sincerely amusing

quoting my thoughts with intentions to reflect on my ways; in search of a better manner to behave

I’m fixing up my environment for succession; as well, I’ll reflect on where I need progression

motivation never felt so good – it’s all in the mannerism and physical face value; inspired by the options available to me; catching up to all that’s due; I should always be given the truth

2 responses to “Journal Entries # 3 and 4*”

  1. Very good and inspirational write of yours.

    In relation to the subject matter, I always hold the wisdom that our minds, holding learned lessons for us from past errors, are like our muscles. We break them down, and then we rest. When we do, they grow back even stronger. It’s much like life, itself.

    Hope you stay motivated and strong! 🙂

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    1. Wow! Now that’s powerful! I’m glad to know that I am understood this way, thank you so much! I hope the same with you as well! 🤍

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