being struck in the brain with sudden decisions, gives me chills – to know I went through stuff I rather not spill; boy! I am truly gifted – anointed and chosen, I’m handling these blessings with precision, cherishing every moment;

often I’m afraid of losing my touch, knowing I embody the feeling; being myself never been so appealing; I’ve never asked for much; when will “whatever” be an actual endeavor? I want more than to be apart of a flock, of one feather;

the only subject that I bond with is my mind; with one other, that happens to be time – though, many realities are happening, yet, time hasn’t moved a bit! I can see these facets a mile away, running toward circumstance, because I just want to get it over with; I’ve never been the type to go astray;

jumping into overwhelming appointments – knowing I shouldn’t be so impulsive; trying to plan out my life making it a goal to be compulsive; I don’t know how to respond as I watch many sides of me – made it hard to be calm;

and in that moment, I found a new peace- for now on even when affairs aren’t pretty, I must always have the courage to speak!

I’m melting away all my fears, as I continue to look sternly in the mirror; In my heart I know eventually my sight will be clearer…

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