Life as we know it, is so precious; we forget to think about things like that. Seeing my growth before my eyes in certain areas is really a humbling feeling. Thank God for time and chance; with each day I’m blessed with an opportunity to learn from my mistakes I made yesterday, and try again – hence, another chance.

The saying is you only have one life to live; in my opinion, I believe each day The Lord bless’ us with another is another advantage at life and so far the Lord been waking me up for 28 years and counting! I have many flaws, yet I’m very ok with that; I’m saying Hallelujah anyhow! Why? I say this because it is well; even with what “looks” like a low time in my life, there’s light at the end of this storm – sunshine if you want to get technical.

See, when you find yourself in a place where your faith begins to evolve in the unconscious mind and heart, you no longer look at what’s in front of you. I have vision, not just sight – a vision has no obligation to look back, but what’s in front of me, and beyond – just sitting here composing this passage, gives me more correspondence to what going on in a whole – everything is connected. I’m blessed to have an avenue where I am able to have this kind of breakthrough at the age I am.

God is so good, and his grace and mercy never stops! Knowing what I know now, the only thing I would take back are the moments where I should’ve just took a moment, and tell myself STOP. Yet, I am deeply grateful that I went through the things I did; painful and scaring moments, became healed wounds for a testimony and growth in my life as the woman I am to this day. I pray to myself everyday, that pass the flesh I’m in, he is still pleased with my heart.  

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