The real examination in life, is living life before the expiration. Knowing that it is more than existing; using that very reason as inspiration. Looking for anything to be your muse; knowing when it’s just enough, and knowing when it’s being abused. Being a radiance of love, because anger shortens life-expectancy. Comprehending that a tart attitude in your days can take more energy. Settling is also a don’t; how would you know what you like if you reply is, ‘I won’t’?

Gathering information for a thorough investigation; because life is really hard, and death is an easy emancipation. It tickles me that the opposite is thought of; the way people complain you’d think dying was – to most – a spark plug. Meaning of excitement – I could never fathom not taking full advantage of living first until my purpose is fulfilled; I think of it now and it’s amazing. Really though, the true examination of life is honestly what you make it; given all you can before life is taken…. 

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