its early*

early this morning I felt a need to just gaze into a blank space, and all I seemed to experience, was peace; the time elapsed was only three seconds, though, it feel like it all lasted for hours to me; the perception felt amazing, it helped me focus on the good things; fading away from the dwellings of the worst – on an expedition toward putting my happiness first…

decoding my conceptions, without necessarily forcing it; problems can be brought upon us due to simply making the wrong choice; life in my realization, is a form of roulette – where everyone has a voice, and too much of anything can produce a lot unnecessary noise…

I’m doing my best to be thorough, without throwing a fit, and at the moment I am pleased; I choose to abstain the corruption of someone else’s mind, simply because it isn’t my disease…

I don’t mean to sound cryptic, but I am being as veracious as I can to explain how quick innocence can be revoked; I just been through plenty, and to see other’s prosper because of it, hurts to core – because it shows that reciprocity was a cloak…

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