I had things to expose, to figure out what? only God knows, but when I found out, there will be stories told. whether they’re true or not, that’s up to the speaker, not that it matters, because truth never fold.

loosening my belt to make room; creating space in my bosom; I need moments with less heartache and more space to bloom. Tiresome, is what I feel when I think about it; though, I don’t deter from the mission, I’m getting to where I need to be, no longer with permission.

I’m not on loan, I am a woman owned – by me! No way would I take direction from someone else’s shoes. that’s not my path so I’ll always refuse. I’m here to stay with all the energy and elements that make up my being; I am a power source that produce light whenever it’s needed!

Exposure should be for the greatness in our accomplishments. No longer will I accept any more opinionated banishments – positivity will only be approved, and I will be taking nothing less than that! 

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