being patient is like allowing life just to happen. I have realized that there are things you really cant manipulate, and that’s ok. when the inevitable get’s involved, know that what was for you – would be yours anyhow; you are obligated to all your blessings no matter how long it takes to receive them. time is what it is; though we try to get ahead of it; even times where we can actually make that happen, we don’t realize it until we get behind again. rambling on – but this is sensible stuff, no pulling wisdom out of thin air, just using the gift of common sense to apply better awareness…

stop allowing the anxiety of opportunity get the best of you; there are many ways to see things in a better view. appointed to things you may not think you deserve; can turn negativity into a positive curve – even though having front row seats to so many problems can work on your nerves. that’s fine, it’s natural; we all have our days, and that’s factual!

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