wellness Czech*

four days I’ve been in this room, I’ve been bored, content, and blue; I’m learning that being alone, isn’t always lonely, and that it’s ok when people can’t afford me…

my body scares me sometimes, when I’m unwell, it doesn’t always give me a sign. Thank God that when it comes to my health, there is no pride…

I’m under the weather, and the sunlight is doing it’s best to help me be better; the climate is confused, cloudy cold, but a sky that is a bright baby blue…

I’m taking in the wind; with it blowing in so many directions, it’s hard to tell where it begin… It’s a graceful thing how nature harmonize that way, the way the air blows the strongest trees with a certain sway…

An autumn season, with a winter chill, I’m no longer sure that being cold is a healthy way to feel…

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