I’ve surrounded myself around wealth and networks; I want to absorb so much knowledge that my brain will start to hurt. the fruits of life is what I choose to feed on; my journey is feeling mad long…

putting figures on my decisions, I never wanted to live only with permission. who I am, and who I am growing to be, will manifest things unheard of; am full-time, there will not be any subs…

there are many outcomes that has made me perplexed; there’re volumes of it, yet, it seem so vexed. shutting down dark matter, I’m not allowing foreign energy to make me a mad-hatter…

cutting out parts of life, like pieces of magazines; creating a vision board, that can’t be intervened; chortling in happiness, that gives no symptoms of stress; moving in ways that’ll magnify sunshine, I’m telling you – it’s getting closer to my time!

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