two columns*

moving very slow, with no where really to go; though, I am excited, anything can happen and I’m delighted!

spending momentums of amount of time, with what I genuinely call mine; more than a woman in my prime, I am a creation from God’s design.

focusing, using tunnel vision, making sure I remain whole, without division

doing my best gracefully, being me has always worked perfectly; they’re flaws to you, and gift to me, and I will always embrace it, in it’s entirety.

laying down my own failures, to replenish the joy in knowing that I’ll always receive favor; resetting who I am, making tweaks to stuff that should be on the lam.

my emotions can be overwhelming, but I don’t sit around dwelling; all we can do is try, and when I’ve done my best, I may still cry, then digress.

I am a euphoric person, and I doubt you’ll find any other version, and that’s for certain…

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