Being a flow of water, understanding it’s current.. Continuous it is.

Allowing myself to discover new journeys, my heart is passionate.

Making the things around me into encouragement.

It takes a lot out of you when you’re working for the next day.

Being dependent isn’t a goal that’s riding my wave.

Looking for a difference, in me, that I can be proud of…

I don’t want to rush, but who doesn’t want love?

Expecting life to just give me an answer, when that can’t happen.

Learning that living is a gift, and existing in life can be a damper.

Approaching my affairs with literature; to get it of my chest.

Finally, I’ve found that thing that’s gives my spirit rest.

The past can be wild, I mean when you look back what do you see?

You see, the mistakes, the lessons, and stuff that had you say never again!

But knowing your past gives you so much in the future – real possibilities!

Do you really want to waste time with pain that has already healed in the end?

Speaking solely from my heart, I need to hear this and see it – so do you…

Living life gives you a chance to explore things that your heart always wanted to subdue.

Even in this, my anxiety flew through the roof, because I’m so worried about a line being too long.

But if this is how I feel and what I need to put down, then why would I restrain myself from what makes me strong?

Being in tuned with my whole being is not something you make happen.

Really all it is, is the faith you have in yourself to know that your better than the situation, or circumstance.

Seem like all I’m doing is running my mouth, maybe even rambling.

In the end though, I’ll be the greatest I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and it’s going to make me do a whole victory dance!

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