understanding things for what they are, can be hard when you find yourself in a circumstance to do just that; dealing with the realities of things being exactly what’s presented on the plat…

appropriately canvasing an existence, where what may have been absorbed, is far from meaningless prattle; this is a query in finding out if impossible was only to cover the actuality of life being improbable, just to hinder our quest within our travels…

being an idealist in a world of fabrication, can be intense at it’s core; bribery, scandal, and blackmail, sadly, I could list more. so many bad things happen around us and even when it’s simplified, still, we complicate what’s evident, causing an emotional and mental war…

with the world throwing doubt in your mind, questioning your own common sense; just to realize that your intuition was right, and it could’ve been your best defense. coexisting with dastardly populists isn’t living at all; being without judgment, I truly understand and also appreciate karma otherwise, life would be gull…

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