Maneuvering a strong and humble force,

Running steady, while producing swift speed;

A tread-climber course –

Taking the foundation; manipulating rooms

Rooms to the first floor of my success

That could never come too soon…

Mistakes I made were for a future test.

When it approach, the teacher will never say –

It’s happening –

For during a test – the teacher doesn’t talk ~

If I’m not ready; that’s my fault…

Preventing myself from unnecessary obstacles

So I won’t miss the signs…

Centering on not having an absent mind;

But facing things I may feel is difficult..

Evolving amazingly in every way;

Lifting myself up

Holding my own weight.

I’ll never be stuck,

Looking for anyone to help.

If it’s from you heart;

It’s in mine to accept.

I always see that first;

It’s due to me,

Before I get hurt.

Specifics aren’t important;

There, only to point out the selective.

Irony of unreliable sources;

It’s not what you call protective.

Back turns doesn’t always mean bye;

Though see you later, feels like a long time.

Random as I can be,

Justifying my ways as punctual;

Really doing my best at it spiritually,

Making everyday functional.

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