Dicey and Inimitable*

Behemoth and Leviathan

Creatures of Chaos

bellowing at the sky, hoping the entity of my faith hear my cry; I want to be cleansed, without the consequence of genocide.

wanting nothing more than to rectify the thoughts that have confused my mind many times. I am giving away nothing but mercy for the tribulations I have endured, along with its lies.

creating such a monster to protect the cowardice of a peculiar trait. fighting a greater good, without leaving casualties of war to an induced fate… creating it’s own fallout, because of selfishness, its the only fruit you choose to taste.

I choose forgiveness; I look on to the abyss as encouragement that light will shine inevitably, as I have witnessed. leading blind forecasts, is just like living through pandemonium, while still experiencing stillness; I am for the challenge in living through turmoil and pain to understand the discernment of liveliness.

replenish me entirely; cleanse the chaotic patterns from my life, showing the light through it all, making my finish line worth the anxiety…

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