far away from here sounds like a figment; the way things have been going, it doesn’t sound like a bad commitment. I wanna be where only stars brighten my night, while sunshine illuminates my day; I wanna get lost in a conception of felicity, grasping every aspect of this phase.

no longer living with a mindset of life feeling often naught; neutralizing any wickedness that may try to overcast any dream I’ve sought. appeasing to idealize an existence of purity and its nourishments; some days I wish for evil there would be a special law to banish it, with the communities full encouragement.

I aspire for genuine admiration to cleanse my mind of the thought of it being improbable; free of naivety in knowing that nothing is truly impossible. my feet are grounded to the earth and my mind and is centralized in faith; for this figment I revered is closer than far away…

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