caupernaum pt.1*

village of comfort.

Hebrew Translation

sin full-grown, gives birth to death; taking away all your energy and your breath. where inequities from personal views are shared as a general problem; each of us has our transgressions, and not every one of them is worth solving.

the relationships we keep must be essential to our well-being, without these functions, I will never give you access; see. I want for my village to be ample of unconditional care, concern, and love fully dressed!

this village watches over my son, I have given a honorable position before the relation had begun; why? you’re apart of this family, whether you like me or not, love becomes our mutual understanding.

I’m ok with a fellowship of just two, maybe three; I could keep my eyes closer, watching a crowd that brought the power of thee. I am not the only one on watch; my God will always cover my blind spots, even after the day my heart stop!

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