thick n thin*

True intimacy, is when things are all bad…


show me what it is to feel the inconceivable, because i don’t want to be in love anymore, all it gets me is depreciation at it’s lower score. i find the ones that are scared to indulge in true happiness, my patience has run narrow to passive aggressiveness; you rather give away your heart to the mud, instead of introducing yourself to real love.

i’m disappointed in the way oxytocin drains from your mind, taking away something priceless, because you’re afraid to decide. i’m done playing nice knowing my emotions are at stake, never again will i level down to comfort another knowing my heart constantly ache.

the desire i use to have for you has withered away, happy that my recovery wasn’t that bad – my heart was really about to break! you showed me what it is to be encouraged and cared for, but you also showed me that i should tread lightly and to be careful; the idea of you being for me, almost had me thinking we were twin flames, sort to speak.

i am not venting, but simply learning. not everything is good for you, even if it’s something you always yearned to have or to be.

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