i’m finding more time to live the way i want, and as i get older, the less i desire to flaunt; I’ve began to cipher my words in plain sight, to keep eavesdroppers, from using my life for evil, out of spite.

i don’t run anymore, i have so much to accomplish, and many settlements to score; my way of having peace is seeing with my own eyes, the great things i can conceive.

life feels really good, even though things seem to be very bad; i’m fighting my battle in keeping myself from being depressed and sad.

i pray everyday for the better, especially for my child’s sake; i want him to know that his mommy worked hard for us every night and every day.

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  1. Very beautiful words from a mother who knows that her son should see someone of great value, who casts a circle of protection over what she knows is most important.

    Yes. When we are very young, we flaunt who we are. We want the world to see us. Though, as we mature, we begin to understand that precious matters hold an infinite amount of worth, over the world that simply passes its days on.

    Through your own eyes, and not through anyone else’s, you can achieve much. And, you can tell those precious to you, that all you’ve done is what you’ve seen fit to accomplish. Then, when those who are precious to you are old enough, they can see the world through that woman’s eyes, knowing she was wise enough to keep holding on.

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    1. the gratitude i feel right now wouldn’t be good enough to explain in words, how much this means to me! you’ve seen a message through my eyes and was spot on! this is why i do what i do; to have some relate by simply taking the time comprehend someone else’s point of view is so priceless! i thank you kindly!! xo Kiwi

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