I’m hurting inside 

Only a bit 

I just want more than a joyride 

I want to be a complete fit 

Putting the pride away 

Enjoying every moment each day 

Loving each other 

It’s a healthy vibration 

As a family we’ll be great 

Mother and father together  

More than my imagination 

I’m extremely scared 

Just cherish me for real 

Care the way I care 

Not connecting 

That wasn’t the deal 

There was always going be affection 

That was very clear 

Confused most of the time 

I’m done pretending I’m fine 

Not receiving mutual feedback  

Because it’s not always clear 

That’s time I could never get back 

And that’s what I sometimes fear 

Tell me what it is already 

Feels like I’m hanging by a thread 

This will no longer be fair to me  

Because that’s one thing I dread 

Time tells everything 

That I understand 

Maybe nervousness of it has me jittery 

And maybe that was the plan 

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