Dial Tone*

pick up your phone

no more of the dial tones

sick and tired of being alone

be aggressive, make me moan

with a voice that could sing a tenor’s song

be the breeze that caress my body

I want more than a probably…

when youre wrong, show me youre sorry

never tell me, unless its a true apology

don’t end this call, be a man, stand up tall

be gentle though, don’t dare make me feel small…

be honest even if it isn’t in my face

glow within me, when love is made

put yourself out there truly

don’t ever believe you can screw me

be my pedestal

make my peace be still, without hassle

place me on top of your world

make me feel that I’m the only girl

I am a woman, who see through your flaws

let us be together, and be our own cause…

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