10 second dream*

in a car with someone unknown; ride with me, his lips said, I don’t want to be alone. though, there was no sound; still, it was extremely loud. I’m doing what I need to do, but I don’t feel proud…

Riding along a riverside; it’s daylight, but I don’t know the time. there’re trees everywhere as well; my surroundings feel familiar, still I can’t really tell…

there’re winks of apartment buildings I can’t identify; everything I’m encountering feels like a honest lie. I go from a dubious crowd; moving toward the apartments, and the sentiment feels cowed. these are actions of bombardment…

I’m working on figuring there should be something I should change; I don’t want a glint of images to affect what life will engage. it’s repetitive, and consistent – as if I’m receiving advice all in an instant…

I endure quite a lot; hurting in all the right AND wrong spots. I’m hungry for victory and freedom; I’m doing all I can to seek them. jumping in and out of myself; salvation is and will be my true wealth.

I will not be blinded by nescient thoughts; my faith will continue to protect my future, as my grace and love is outweighs every fault…

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