signature in the dark*

putting down the now; feeling the weather, enjoying it’s sound. bursting in bliss; all the time I am embraced with favor, and it’s never missed.

I am as positive as I can be; giving you everything you see, to believe. not in me but the movement, as well as the foundation; having faith in your own growth, so there will be any contemplation.

writing in the dark again; I think about my eyesight – what a blessed woman.

I have sight when I need it the most; handwritten will always be more classic than a social media post!

here I am as free as I could imagine; everything around me feels like magic! without having to pretend; I see people loves the true me enough to be a friend.

my surroundings can be quite astounding; I blend with the air as I walk as if the wind found me!

wonderful sunlight kisses on my forehead; unconditioned graced is was the experience – without having to beg.

constructing my own path, while in the shadow of another; withered with certain odds, most wouldn’t bother.

but I do!

rose grow faster in concrete – meaning your inequities could never subdue you!

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