quote me*

wondering through everything I’ve been thinking; magnifying my faith in a way where I’m rejoicing the unseen.

I went backward for a moment, so I could go back and reflect. I am building my intellect; it’s been awhile since I pulled an all-nighter. using all mental to tools I have to be my own igniter.

feeling dehydrated, as if I did sleep – with my eyes wide open. now feeling bad, because now it’s daylight, and my superior won’t let me focus. this is so blah – moving forward….

I’m having trouble gathering what I really feel. I don’t know if it’s just in my mind, or in my heart that makes me believe as if I’m in an ordeal. I’m working on it though, it’ll get better – I know it will…

changing the route in the flow of my stream; turning my subtle thoughts into a reality of dreams…

~ Europa

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