For Years

the story

My cup of tea – it’s what I called him. Giving me everything, even things I didn’t need; this was a light that wasn’t dim!

He disguised himself as my world; behind the lights was a dark side. Taking my love, believing I’m his girl – the experience always come by surprise. All while seeing the signs.

This man though – he was a provider – Yet, the only thing he paid was his mind! It was getting tired.

I find myself paying in different ways; giving up lavish intimacy guessing it was ok, trust me – the answer wasn’t the sex! I always end up feeling regret… 

You can rock my world all you want, but for years,  You still say you can’t – when you won’t! I really grieved many tears!  

Portraying a certain man not realizing it at first; he was something almost like a chameleon; blending in and sneaking… this became an uneasy feeling   

All these years playing this game, thinking I wouldn’t put this up; like my life would bring him fame, sacrificing me, like I’m a naïve pup!

Confessing when he was caught; removing myself from my own domain, as if I didn’t realize the plot. Making a point that I will not be used in vain…

Moving forward, for years, it felt like a waste. Loyalty wasn’t even at the top of his tier. Yet, I learned a lot with haste   

This man I was loyal to, who behind closed doors –  Which became no news,  was treacherous! Making love become obstreperous – In other words, stubbornly defiant. Making his loyalty look as small as a penny to a giant.   

No longer being the man I seen as honorable and full of love, to a poisoned weed swelling of pain –  That bleed sorrow and thereof… 

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