Forever Mine*

The way we connect, has a kind of intellect that cannot be explained. The beauty is in a way, where our knowledge hasn’t been discovered yet – it’s still in the brain.  

Our closeness, can sometimes spring up certain emotions – we work through them – the way we reciprocate our likeness for each other, isn’t plenty in most men.  

There’s adventures that we find ourselves on; by the end of the day, we’re asking where the time gone!  

We look at each with bliss, and nothing to say.  

As a woman, I do get a bit demanding; I want for attention, and sometimes it’s hard to hide it – to make sure I’m not dating a phantom. I can get a little excited.  

Very involved in our future, as it is one; seeing that I’ve been planning on success since our partnership begun.  

Looking at the past different now; because separation has a different defined sound. Work is in progress- the same as ourselves- viewing lifestyle in a way of success; promoting myself through life never had any bounds.  

Just like every kind of relationship, it leaves certain prints on your heart; I wonder what ours will be, how will our blank canvas look once it’s made into art? 

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