Airing things Out*

Writing narratives about my life 
And I look at others and think that 
They're dumb . 
All because every one's doing it, doesn't 
Make it fun. 
Stretching the thought of better, can make 
Things at ease in a way; just giving action 
Can be pleasing without having to say anything! 
Turned on by the waving ocean water over my 
Temple; making her pure again nurturing 
Warmth to the heart – smooth on the mental. 
Give the truth in the beginning, not clues leading to 
The circumstances. This is why people stray [worried, 
That this is what's going down] - without the true time, 
How can I express my sentiment? Falling in love with me, 
Is a beautiful thing. Tired of having to put things back 
Together; without complaining, I'm just learning  
hot to do this with a better strategy on how I deal with  
It. That's all I'm saying! i need a better blueprint 
on the way  
I help; so I can be a better servant.... 

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