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So much is going on at one time, and all I want to do right now is put on this paper and let my talent shine, without worrying about if I’m writing a poem or a prose. As I said that you’re probably wonder what that is I suppose, but don’t worry about it, it’s just literature and it’s old. Not trying to be funny – never most of the time – when you have the humor of ‘Cat in the Hat”; my seriousness may come out in a rhyme, now how about that? I’m smiling, because to have something manifest within me that has already been there, is the best feeling in the world. And all of sudden you’re no longer scared. Embracing , every moment I have when I put down each word. Making sure that I throw something in there that can capture whatever it was I doing during that vibe. So when it’s time to reflect the story will be brought back for me to vividly describe. Oh, how I am in love during the temporary turmoil going on in my life. I refuse to let this turn me to strife, but I will continue to conquer and thrive! It’s my time to end this spirit of demise, and allow my light to glow vibrantly so that I will always rise! Talking about the hard things that I deal with that can give me a stressful mind. Going in different directions, scrambling everywhere – an unparalleled amount of lines. I won’t, it angers me like the sound of a tooth grind. This will be my vengeance and I will get through this – I will survive! No matter how many times I have to speak on it, it will manifest, and it will no longer feel like I had to pretend that I owned it! 

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