A Small Rant*

Every time I want to deal with what I already have,  It seems as though , I’m positioned in a different space. 

Being called dumb blatantly, was a test grab.  Like honestly, it wasn’t the time or place.  It’s alright and all, what would Jesus do? 

He certainly wouldn’t react impulsively ,  So I will be graceful still, peace in mood;  The test is how you’ll handle what you subdue. 

Being called out my name is fine;   My creator made me strong, and mighty.  With a heart, soul, and spirit divine. 

Using a simple life example of how people really are;  They’ll laugh in your face, because they’re’ the ones scarred. 

I’m ok with it even so, their consequences are not mine. 

The reaped seeds sowed, was they’re decision.  

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