Nervous yet courageous*

I’m feeling a kind of a way… 

Not sure if it’s a bad or good thing. 

It doesn’t matter, at least not today;  as long as my heart sing, there isn’t a need to worry. 

He has everything valuable to me, anxious because, I actually want to be seen. Yet, nervous toward the things I’ve said, I treat critically! 

Loving every moment in this time because now anything can be a sign; enjoying the way life talks back, very humorous. 

 Trusting in omens to be the facts; stories are cool [but] truth is always there when it’s two of us…. 

Just looking for common ground; silence never made such a loud sound! The only quiet I hear is in your eyes; showing only me – but to other’s there’s a disguise… 

Special privileges are okay, but when it can’t be helped and it becomes a benefit –  [that’s when the real cards will lay] 

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