love’s train*

I’m in love and I’m in lust Wanting both badly, 

Longing for the sensation of your touch 

Your image is beautiful and unique 

Your mind and physique  

My mind gets lost in you 

A challenge I’m not ready to let go 

Something I actually don’t want to subdue 

I am in love and in lust . I just want who you are, 

I’m really not asking for much. 

A little goes a long way 

And I love that each moment is a new day. 

Huffing and puffing when you don’t give me my way.. 

Your mine – when it’s you, I’m selfish 

The way you express yourself is raw, words become useless

Who I can be for you is boundless; I am the fantasy.  

Leveling to a floor of life; just for you to comprehend that I am you’re wife.  


Each time we connect; dig deeper, don’t be scared.   

The vibration is marriage in itself, that’s raw time shared.  

I’m deeper than the bond, I am your sky and your pond..  

No where we can’t go; only if you just focus on our show.  

I’m getting deeper; follow my path. 

Without sunshine, you’ll lead dark fans.  

Let me be the guide in your eyes;  

A real journey, on a real ride.  

They’ll be thunderstorms above our palm trees; but because the foundation is rooted strong, we’ll bring sun back to our ocean seas.  

Do you understand what you have? 

What god gave you, and put into your hands?  

I don’t want to make it be; but I’m confident that it’s definitely me.  

I feel literal rays of rainbows around my silhouette; it rains of care and nourishment – yet I never I get wet.  

I want this badly, I think I’m crazy about you – without an obsession to make you run; but I am woman anew, who found a partner who’s filled with lifetimes of fun.  

2 responses to “love’s train*”

  1. This is breathtaking… I especially love this stanza… “I’m deeper than the bond, I am your sky and your pond..” Wonderful words… ❤️

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate the attention you payed for words i decided to sell ❤❤❤❤
      You’re Amazing!

      Liked by 1 person

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