Flame Thrower*

Letting my ambience of my soul shine like the northern lights. This isn’t plain electricity, but many colors that are shockingly bright! So beautiful by nature’s hand, opening new worlds in this realm. Things people can’t fathom, are the moments I want overwhelm in. Being as creative as I can be, my toes feel tickled, and stomach is bubbly. Cute and sour all in the same description, I don’t do sweet, should I mention.

Never been sweet, there’s not a bone you can step over within me. Whimsical kind of emotions that fill me with an amazing fire . A fire that cools my heart with love and passionate intimacy. I just want to be held not only physically, but within my spirituality. It’s something I’ve always longed for to come my way, my ultimate desire.

Up there a million galaxies away, but here you are in the middle of your voyage, Just to spend time with me and indulge in my whole entity, oh how I enjoy it! Just talking – truly these statements are factual in each word that leaves my lips. 

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