When I’m discouraged*

Funny thing about how I do this, is I get so anxious – because I honestly draw a blank right before my pen touches the paper. This is a recognizable blessing and gift from my Lord Savior. I am grateful – I do this sometimes, then I question myself, “how do you do that?” I love it though, truly feels like a super power! Black and white has always been powerful – let’s not forget that! I call my pen my magic wand sometimes; once I start with the first stroke of it, I begin to go off. I can do this for hours, especially in the right environment and mindful solitude. I’ve been searching for many ways to meditate not realizing, I’ve been doing it the whole time. in the many sheets of paper I’ve marked my territory on – it’s going to change my life! it’s doing it right now! I am a movement!

Producing self value; protecting my investment. which is who I am – the truth. I’m going to be magnificent.

~ Europa, Kiwi

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